Marc Larré

Iconotopies, 2013
Mixed media
Several dimensions

The iconotopía is an invented term under which I have grouped a series of works that combine the boundary between what is represented and the physical object that supports the representation.

A hybrid between the iconic sign and the space it occupies, that which works as its support, the body; the result is a decrease or approach of that which in principle acts from a distance. This approach produces a tension which gives an internal rhythm to the photograph, a swing between two places and two temporalities.

The iconotopía activates a system of relations that points to a possible sensitive machine, a space folded upon itself to acquire a degree of awareness that restores its materiality simultaneously with its symbolic load, a sort of substitute for weight, a virtuality that has become physical, tangible.

Pedrera, 2013
Color print on marble
100 x 100 cm

Escalera de escalas, 2013
Color print on cardboard and iron
250 x 200 x 60 cm

Piedra sobre piedra, 2013
Color print on ceramic and stone
60 x 60 x 35 cm

Bassal, 2013
Photographic emulsion
Variable dimensions

Interior fotosensible, 2013
Wood and photographic emulsion
71 x 71 x 38 cm