Marc Larré

Centro Párraga (17.09.20 - 27.10.20).
Curated by Sema D´Acosta.

One of the substantial virtues of the work of Marc Larré (Barcelona, ​​1978) is that it relates apparently unconnected situations in order, from its own poetic logic, to offer an alternative view of the positivist reality that predominates in our current society, an epistemological knowledge of the world linked to logical reasoning and empirical facts. His sculptures work on the hybridization or tension between a plurality of planes or irreconcilable fields. A confluence of registers that makes it possible to create a hiatus or point of friction between supposedly disparate territories, as occurs for example with the title of the exhibition, where two irreconcilable starting concepts come together. On the one hand the dolmen, the most remote cultural manifestation that we know together with the cave paintings; on the other, the image as a commercial claim, the logo as an emblem-symbol of modernity. In this game of dislocation there is a displacement of the original meaning of each term that allows the appearance of a new space of synthesis.

The overcoming of the image as a mere document, the concern for the footprint as a representation or the vindication of the artisanal processes, has led the artist to intersect disciplines such as sculpture, video and photography. Continuous experimentation with the expansion of these languages ​​generates a subtractive way of making that tends towards the economy of means, a personal code that flees from any artifice to end up generating a type of suggestive and at the same time revealing visual syntagm.

Logo-dolmen, 2020
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Marc Larré talks with Sema D'Acosta